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The Publications Committee create four magazines per year. The Word is released each term (September, December, and Easter) and the fourth is our Annual Review, this is a roundup of the schools yearly events.  Access The Word in the right-hand column.

To apply email awilliams@footboardgym.com or see Mr. Williams in T3.

When do we meet?

  • Tuesday registration and Friday Lunch once a fortnight.

Other information:

Why should you apply?

This is best answered by some of our ex-members.


Tom Bewley

The Publications Committee at 足球买球app is a brilliant way of engaging students in the image and success of the school, and of building strong connections between all year groups and staff. I was part of the team as a Sixth Former, and as one of the more senior students, I had the opportunity to take on a leadership role, which was very useful preparation for the many group projects that I have been involved in during my Engineering degree at university. I believe that the Committee is an excellent means of cultivating respect across the age range at the school and of sharing knowledge and experience - I was consistently impressed by the journalistic talent, professionalism and initiative of the younger boys, and learnt a lot from their insights, while also trying my best to offer advice in return. More than anything else, it is initiatives such as this that prepare students for their future careers, which are bound to require the ability to work as part of large and varied teams, using their individual and collaborative skills to help realise an ambitious goal.


Dev Mehta

Publications helped me in applying to University as I was able to show off my organisational and time management skills when talking about the producing the school magazine during my interview. Being part of a large team was also great. I am sure the experience will help me when it comes to group projects at University. I'd just like to thank you for the help and guidance you've provided since lower school, and again throughout A Level.Although it was hard work, the rewards were worth it.


Michael Oates

I was part of the Publications Committee for 4 years and found it rewarding in a number of ways. First and foremost, it gives you the chance to work amongst a large team, which can be challenging at times but allows you to develop and understand where your best skills lie and how you are able to best contribute to an amazing end product. Taking on a position of responsibility may seem daunting, but it is a fantastic opportunity to give back to the school community and it is so rewarding to see all your work go to print. But most importantly, we all always had fun whilst doing it!

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