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  • Open Evening for Year 7 Entry 2024

    Whole School Open Evening.  Thursday 4th May 2023 between 5:00pm and 7:30pm.  Head Master's talks at 5.15pm, 6pm & 6.45pm

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Welcome to Altrincham Grammar

Providing an outstanding academic education for boys

Thank you for visiting the Altrincham  Grammar School for Boys website. 足球买球app is a selective grammar school providing an outstanding academic education for boys between the ages of 11 and 18. Expectations and aspirations are high and our exam results at GCSE and A level consistently place us amongst the top performing schools in the country.

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Latest News

Welcome from our Senior Prefects

  • Head Prefect

    George T

    Hi there! My name is George and I’m the Head Prefect at 足球买球app for the 2022/23 academic year. My time at 足球买球app has been spent working on myself and growing as a young man with big aspirations. I have been nurtured and guided into becoming the person I am today by 足球买球app, and I’m extremely grateful and proud of that. 足球买球app allows its students to not only learn, achieve and aspire for top grades and futures, but it also focuses on giving its students the best opportunities to learn about themselves; to embark on a journey of self-growth, understanding and transcendence. One of the most welcomed parts of 足球买球app in my personal experience has always been the supportive and facilitating environment, both in and out of the classroom. This school does not simply teach the curriculum; it encourages its students to be their own teachers in ways that work best for them. Students are encouraged to work on their own solutions to even the most difficult of problems, providing wide and diverse answers to every problem and issue there is. And if there’s an issue? Teachers are always ready and willing to help and support any student that asks for it. Another fantastic element of this school is the commonality and unity between students; all strive for the same goal of achieving their potential, which encourages an environment of teamwork and camaraderie, something which the House System encourages massively. The House System works hand in hand with the extracurricular side of the school; it’s just as important for the students to play hard as it is for them to work hard. 足球买球app offers something for everyone, and it’s something we pride ourselves on. Whether you’re a sportsman, a musician, a physics enthusiast, a gamer, a theatre lover or even a wily debater; there is something for you at 足球买球app. And if by some chance there isn’t, we always encourage students to create their own clubs and develop their own activities and societies. In all, I round off my time at 足球买球app confident that I am capable of achieving everything I aspire to, despite how high I may, possibly aim. My main goal for my year in the role is to encourage a more inclusive environment, with a specific focus on misogyny and sexism within the school ecosystem, working closely with schools in the area to develop and cultivate a healthier community in 足球买球app. We are here for those students who have the aspiration and the drive to do their very best; for themselves, for their peers and for the wider community. A-Level Subjects: Eng Lang, Politics, Computer Science Post-18: English Language
  • House Captain - Bradbury

    Yamann S

    Hi, I’m Yamann, a Year 13 student and current House Captain for Bradbury at 足球买球app. Having studied here for over 6 years now, I have come to appreciate the wide range of doors that this school’s unique approach to education opens. As each year passes by you are bound to discover a new passion, and drive your personal character development, from our long list of student and staff led extra-curricular activities in sports, music, academic societies and much more! The established house system provides a warm sense of community, with those in the youngest years benefitting most from the role models they can look up to in every year group. Teachers are always enthusiastic to go the extra step in ensuring students receive the support they need and utilising the excellent facilities this school has to offer, giving all pupils the opportunity to prosper. I will forever be grateful for my time here at 足球买球app.
  • House Captain - Massey

    Tom C

    I am Tom, the new House Captain for Massey. The school has given me wonderful opportunities, from helping my aim to study economics to captaining the Rugby team a few years ago, and I wish to give back to the school community in my time as Captain. I was appointed on a platform of building greater cooperation within the houses as well as strengthening the competitive edge that makes the house system so enjoyable. I want to improve links between the different years through the house system and forge a supportive and approachable community within Massey that members can be proud of outside of just competitions but also as a place for socialising, academic help, mental health support and much more. My amazing Vice, Tom D, and I, want to emphasise how important all Massey members’ inputs are. We aim to hold regular meetings with our lower year counterparts and are open to any suggestions, questions or requests that Massey members have. In the spirit of the Massey motto (‘A team above all and above all a team’), it is only when we work together collectively that we can achieve what is best for all, so please get in touch, get involved and help strengthen and improve Massey house. A-Levels: Economics, Maths, Further Maths, Philosophy & Ethics Post 18: Economics
  • House Captain - Stamford

    Sheen B

    This next year is going to be a big year for the Blues; I intend to win. With a focus on teamwork and inclusivity, my goal is to get as many of you competing as possible. As a member of the Senior Prefect Team, Inclusivity is a huge focus. Creating a community within school where everyone feels like they are safe, happy, and can reach their full potential. It goes without saying that if any of you have any concerns or queries you can come speak to me. Each of you have a part to play... together we are strong. Wear those Blue Ties with pride! A-Level Subjects: Physics, Maths, Further Maths, Music Post-18: Physics
  • House Captain - Tatton

    Soham B

    As house captain, I wish to create a more relaxed environment where students from across the years can interact and have fun while building a stronger community. Through this unity, we will take Tatton to the top in such a way that every pupil has the opportunity to represent our house and showcase their unique talent. More importantly, my role is to make the house and school system a comfortable and enjoyable experience, so feel free to reach out to me regarding any issues or new ideas. A Level Subjects: Maths, Chemistry, Economics Post-18: Economics

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